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Manhattan Beach Real Estate Market Update March 2014

Monday, April 7th, 2014

MLS data shows a huge increase in the total number of homes sold in Manhattan Beach during the month of March.

03-2014   MB  sales  M-to-M

Even the year-over-year median sales price trended positive by almost 11% or, in dollar figures, by approximately $165K.

03-2014   MB  median sales price Y-to-Y

Also, evidence indicates despite a surge in new listings the sales/listing ratio continues to improve. This month it was 45.2%.

03-2014   MB  sales-listings ratio  M-to-M

Last, the year-over-year months of inventory analysis reveals a slight bump compared to 2013, but again the rise in total listings explains this movement.

03-2014   MB  months of inventory Y-to-Y

Manhattan Beach Real Estate Market Update February 2014

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Residential real estate market activity in Manhattan Beach for the month of February produced rather inspiring results. For example, in a single month total sales increased by more than 22%.

02-2014   MB  sales

In addition, the year-to-year median sales price analysis reveals a 68% improvement or, in dollar figures, from $1.162 mil in February 2013 to $1.952 mil in February 2014.

02-2014   MB  median sales price

Furthermore, the total sales/listings ratio bummed up by more than 11% month-over-month.

02-2014   MB  sales-listings ratio

Last, the year-to-year months of inventory reveals listings sold faster during February 2014 when compared to February 2013.

02-2014   MB  months of inventory

Manhattan Beach Real Estate Market Update January 2014

Friday, February 21st, 2014

During January 2014, real estate sales activity for Manhattan Beach dropped off relative to previous years.

01-2014   MB  sales

To help explain this trending behavior, however, it is necessary to put into perspective the large reduction in year-over-year active listings.

01-2014   MB  active listings

Also, it is important to appreciate the year-over-year median sale price since 2012 has improved by almost 50% or more than $695K.

01-2014   MB  median sales price

Overall, the 33.3% sales/listings ratio for January 2014 was respectable given the holiday season and the looming tax deadline.

01-2014   MB  sales-listings ratio

Manhattan Beach Real Estate Market Update December 2013

Monday, January 27th, 2014

During December 2013, total property sales were about the same as the month previous with the 28 homes closing escrow.

12-2013  MB  sales

Adding to the good news is the year-to-year median sales price comparison, which reveals home valuations increased to $1,395,000 in December 2013 relative to $1,362,500 in December 2012.

12-2013  MB  median sales price

A rather confusing stat to share, however, is the sales/listings ratio which indicates more properties sold than listings available. Although this discrepancy remains unexplained these numbers do reflect with some accuracy strong market activity. Meaning, all listings that hit the market sold.

12-2013  MB  sales-listings ratio

Manhattan Beach Real Estate Market Update November 2013

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Residential real estate sales activity for Manhattan Beach for the month of November compared to October produced similar results with 29 total closed escrows. This data is promising considering we are deeper into the holiday season, which is typically known to divert attention away from real estate and more towards family, friends, and vacationing.

2013  sep - nov sales stats

Also, the median sales price improved considerably for 2013 November relative to 2012 by a margin of approximately 60%. In dollars figures, this represents a positive increase from $1.249 million to $1.995 million.

2013   Median sales stats year over year for Nov