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Redondo Beach Real Estate Market Update March 2014

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Total sales for the Redondo Beach real estate market nearly doubled in March with 79 closed escrows reported.

03-2014   RB sales  M-to-M

Even the year-over-year median sales price saw in increase of 17.3% or $111,850K.

03-2014   RB median sales price  Y-to-Y

Of course, all this encouraging news wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a surge in new listings in 2014 compared to this time last year.

03-2014   RB active listings  Y-to-Y

Finally, the year-over-year months of inventory data shows properties continue to move at the same pace in March of 2014 of they did in March of 2013.

03-2014   RB months of inventory  Y-to-Y

Redondo Beach Real Estate Market Update February 2014

Monday, March 10th, 2014

MLS data shows 44 residential properties closed escrow in Redondo Beach during the month of February. Although this figure is slightly down compared to last month, which recorded 49 sales, overall market activity is positive and is expected to improve.

02-2014   RB sales

Another stat trending somewhat downward is the year-to-year median sales price, which was $720K in Feb 2013 but dropped to $718K in Feb 2014.

02-2014   RB median sales price

Although active listings dropped to 142 in Feb 2014 from 151 in Feb 2013, this data indicates listings are now selling faster – with few exceptions of course.

02-2014   RB active listings

Redondo Beach Real Estate Market Update January 2014

Friday, February 21st, 2014

For January 2014, Redondo Beach produced rather positive year-over-year sales statistics with 49 properties closing escrow.

01-2014   RB sales

Additionally, the number of active listings in January 2014 remained consistent relative to January 2013 figures, which was 125.

01-2014   RB active listings

Another positive trending stat is the year-over-year median sale price, which increased from $560K in January 2012 to $755K in January 2014.

01-2014   RB median sales price

Last, the sales/listings ratio of 39.2% communicates a healthy real estate market – one that is expected to improve in the coming months.

01-2014   RB sales-listings ratio

Redondo Beach Real Estate Market Update December 2013

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Contrary to expectations, because of holiday season, total properties sold in the Redondo Beach market bumped by 33.3% in December relative to November.


Another promising stat is the year-over-year median sales price, which shows home valuations appreciated to about $765K in December 2013 from $661K in December 2012.


Although total listings were down in December compared to previous months the sales/listings ratio improved to 63%. This indicates a larger percentage of sellers accepted buyer’s offers and that escrows closed successfully.

sales-listings ratio

Last, the year-to-year months of inventory analysis reveals there was less properties to choose from in December 2013 relative to December 2012.

Redondo Beach Real Estate Market Update November 2013

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Although Redondo Beach residential real estate states for the month of November revealed lackluster activity, overall 51 properties closed escrow.

Sales stats  Sep - Nov

Comparing median sales price year-over-year indicates average market appreciation of about 8.1% or $53+K.

Median sales price year over year

Still, measurements like the sales/listings ratio show month-to-month decline in real estate activity.  For instance, October’s sales/listings ratio was 45.3% while November’s was 35.4%, which is a delta of 21+%.

listing sales ratio

Also, months of inventory data for November 2013 vs. 2012 reveals an uptick in the amount of time it takes to sell property.

months of inventory